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Penis Enlargement Pumps

The label penis pump suggests that this is a kind of vacuum pump or a penis extender device, used by men for enlarging their penile length and experiencing better erection during sexual intercourse. With the increasing popularity of penis pumps among men, more came to know about its great effects and benefits. The various extender devices and penis pumps are both suitable and useful methods for penis enlargement, especially when combined with a male enhancement exercise program.

Vacuum constriction devices

Penis pump The penis pumps are cylinders, into which the flaccid penis is placed. Then either manually or electronically a vacuum of negative pressure around the penis is generated. This vacuum increases the blood flow into your penis, resulting in its engorgement and following a subsequent erection. You must then clamp the base of your penis with a constriction ring in order to prevent the blood from leaving the penile arteries. While the pump is mainly used to help men with erectile dysfunction, many manufacturers have been hyping its unique male enhancement effects.

Water assisted devices

Penile pump These penis pumps are used mainly in the shower. Their popularity grew in the last years and more men began to use this type of pumps instead of the conventional vacuum devices. The idea behind the water assisted pumps is that the hydro force is used to create a vacuum and to gently massage the penile shaft. The different gaiters allow the regulation of the water force. The men using these types of pumps report increase in the quality of their erections and pleasure from the water massage. These devices stimulate the natural penile growth process.

Penis extender devices

Penis extender These devices fasten around the visible base of the penis and around the corona glans (the head). Their fully adjustable traction apparatus is used to increase the force on the shaft of the penis. In this way the corpora cavernosa muscle is stimulated and stretched. Your body's natural reaction to this kind of pressure is penile tissue multiplication and cell expansion. Visible enlargement effects are present after one week of daily usage. The penis extender devices show better penis enlargement results than the vacuum pumps.

Benefits of using penis enhancement devices

  • Gaining extra penile length and girth
  • Maintaining harder erection
  • Lasting longer, delaying the orgasm
  • Achieving more control
  • Having more stamina
  Quality Bonus Price
Peyronies top yes (3) $ 250
ProExtender best yes (4) $ 300
JesExtender excellent yes (3) $ 250
SizeGenetics very good yes (3) $ 200
Phallosan excellent yes (2) $ 300
BathMate best yes (3) $ 115
Penomet top yes (2) $ 125
Bonuses: penis enlarger pills, penis cream, spare parts, instructional DVD

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