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Penis Enlargement Methods

"Then is expounded how to increase the size and develop the potential of the penis united with these accessories. Take shuka hairs (the shuka is an insect that lives in trees) and mix them with oil, then rub the penis with it for ten nights." - from "Kama Sutra"

Since ancient times men strive to achieve harder erections and have a bigger penis. In this article we present the currently known penis enlargement methods and declare the herbal pills as the best treatment for the small penis size. Here are the different techniques:

  • Weight application and stretching with devices
  • Synthetic injectables and rub oils
  • Manual stretching and jelqing
  • Surgical penile augmentation techniques
  • Penis enlargement pills

Weight application and stretching with devices

Penis device Weight application (hanging), vacuum pressure or mechanical stretching of the penis may encourage penile "remodeling". In stretching by weight, gradually increasing weights are applied to the flaccid penis, as tolerated, for several hours a day for several months. This so called "hanging" method is known since ancient times, but the results are neither satisfying nor worth the time.

In mechanical stretching the penis is extended using a "penile stretcher" device, or by applying a vacuum device (penis pump) at least twice a day for 30 minutes. The optimal time, duration, and weight for these procedures, as well as the effect of these manipulations to the penile ultrastructure and erectile function, are still object of studying and experimentation. They may cause discomfort to the patient, as well as injury to the penis, if they are not practiced correctly.

Synthetic injectables and rub oils

Penis cream For penile girth enhancement, various materials such as silicone paste are injected under the penile skin or different kind of oils are rubbed to the foreskin either by the man himself or by a non-medical practitioner. This can be seen especially in patients from far eastern countries or from the old Soviet republics. In many of these cases, foreign body granulomas develop around the injected material, or skin necrosis occurs if the oils and creams are not high quality. The medical answer to the synthetic materials filling approach, and for preventing these complications, is injecting autologous fat, harvested by liposuction from the thighs or buttocks, under the penis skin and along the penile shaft. Again the results are not so good accepted by the patients and some of them decide to remove the autologous implants.

Manual stretching and jelqing

Penis exercise A lot of men decide to stay away from the other penis enlargement methods and devote to the good healthy food and manual penile exercises. Jelqing consists of daily trainings, in which the person uses his own hands to apply force to the penis in semi-erect condition. The results are not great and the exercises should be done regularly for a very long period of time (9 months to 1 year). There are men who enjoy practicing them and say that this makes their penile muscle stronger and stops the premature ejaculation.

Surgical penile augmentation techniques

Many men who are not happy with their penile size or have heard that the penis can be enlarged apply to urologists to add length and girth to their penile dimensions. However, there are no sufficient references in the medical literature supporting a safe method for purely cosmetic augmentation phalloplasty surgery. Unfortunately, the expectations of patients from such surgery are far greater than the actual results. Although some surgeons still think that people who apply for an augmentation phalloplasty need to try penis enlargement pills instead of surgery, there is quite a large group of men who really need penile cosmetic surgery for other penile deformities.

Penis surgery Almost all the currently used surgical procedures were developed in the past for reshaping the penis of hypogonadic male patients, for epispadias cases, and for congenitally short or buried penises. Since not all of these techniques can be applied satisfactorily to augment the size of an average penis, newer techniques are being developed for obtaining better cosmetic results. Although considerable improvements have been achieved for improving the aesthetics of the penile appearance and dimensions, such surgery is still a challenge, requiring meticulous techniques and strict attention to detail. These penile augmentation techniques are still evolving, and unfortunately no studies have been done on the long-term physical and psychosexual outcome of such surgeries.

Penis enlargement pills

Penis pills There are many different penis pills, thus the results from such treatment may vary a lot (from no effect at all to double increase in the size). It's sad that more than 75% of the men, who have tried different penis enlargement pills aren't satisfied. But at the same time that's completely normal, because every formula is unique. We cannot speak about the ingredients of other pills, but NeoSize penis enlargement pills are clinically tested and doctor approved with a success rate of 90%. Their herbal formula is totally safe and a six month treatment already guarantees very good results.

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