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Impotence - Herbal Treatment

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a man's inability to attain or sustain an erection sufficient for normal, satisfying sexual intercourse. 85 percent of male impotence cases are brought on by physiological disturbances. No matter what the cause, it helps most men to realize that they are not alone and there is an impotence treatment. Nearly every man experiences erectile dysfunction at some point in his life, and almost 20 million have chronic or recurring problems.

Low levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone, are a critical link to male impotence. The most common cause of impotence is atherosclerosis, which is hardening of the arteries with plaque buildup. This causes a problem with blood flow to the penis. Also, dilation of the arteries and blood flow to the genital area are dependent on specific chemicals produced in the body, which absence is crucial, and could be compensated only by certain herbs like Ginseng and Maca. In addition, many prescription drugs can cause reduced blood flow to the genitals or can interfere with hormones or nerve transmission. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and are on a prescription medication, you need a herbal impotence treatment.

Diet is another common cause. Just as a high-fat, low-fiber routine can inhibit blood flow to the heart, it can also block the arteries that lead to the penis. Men with high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis may have difficulty maintaining erections. Other chronic illnesses, especially diabetes, can take a toll as well. It is important to note here that aging is not a cause of impotence. While it's true that impotence affects older people more frequently than it does the rest of the population, this situation can be attributed to the increased incidence of disease and medication in the elderly.

If you are healthy and content, you can be sexually vigorous well into your eighties and beyond. If you are not chronically impotent - that is, if you are impotent only in certain situations or can achieve an erection on your own or in your sleep, then it's likely that psychological factors are causing or contributing to your problem. Overwork and fatigue have reached epidemic levels in our society, and many men - especially those who have children - simply feel too tired to enjoy sex. Depression, anxiety, stress and fear of failure are other frequent causes.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction with penis devices

The water assisted penis pumps present an effective way to treat the male impotence. The vacuum pressure and the hydro-massage experienced while using such devices act in 3 very important ways to counter the erectile dysfunction:

  • Penile blood flow enhance - the blood circulating through your penis arteries and veins is being stimulated in a natural way.
  • Nerve activation - many nerves in the shaft and glans are being activated, which helps in bringing forth an erection.
  • Strengthen of the PC muscle - the Pubococcygeus muscle is periodically tightened and relaxed, which guarantees longer erection time.

Vacuum pump therapies show great results by more than 75% of men suffering from dysfunction problems. Different studies report that patients with ED using penis pumps went from an under 1 minute erection time to 10-15 minutes of erection sustain. This shows that the penis devices are effective alternatives to the herbal treatments and can be used in combination with them.

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