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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the oldest therapy in world history. Archaeological explorations have shown that herbs have been used from the most ancient civilizations of Asia. Until the middle of the twentieth century herbalism had already great tradition in Europe, as well as in America. Then herbal treatments and remedies were almost completely eclipsed by the development of synthetic "wonder drugs". Scientists learned how to isolate the active ingredients in herbs and began to patent them as different medications.

Pharmaceutical companies made huge profits from the sales of their products and used the money in part to fund medical schools that shunned teaching herbalism. Soon herbs, the very source of many of their pharmaceuticals, were declared ineffective. It's not hard to understand why this has happened. Pharmaceutical companies can't put a patent on a natural remedy like herbs, and therefore they can't control profits in the same way they can with synthetic drugs. But it's deeper than mere greed. The Western medicine views the body as a machine with parts to be either fixed or replaced. The symptoms of the diseases are treated with drugs or procedures, while the cause, which is often improper living goes ignored.

In the United States, health is too often considered the absence of any obvious disease. Get rid of the symptoms, you have gotten rid of the illness. Right? Not really! Many herbs in Nature's pharmacy treat the cause of the disease - an essential part of preventing its recurrence. With herbs, we not only cure periodic illness, but also prevent fresh onslaughts from weakening our constitutions and unnecessarily shortening our lives.

Today 80 percent of the world's population relies on herbs as a primary form of medicine. Many cultures use herbal therapies as a first line of treatment for illness. For example, hospitals in India and China train doctors to specialize in herbal medicine for all the different categories of disease. Most medical doctors in Germany utilize herbal therapies in their practices. As herbal therapy enters mainstream medicine, more doctors in North America are becoming educated and willing to recommend these herbal treatments to their patients.

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